Provider Network Discounts

Every reputable carrier or Third Party Administrator uses provider networks to secure discounted medical pricing below the “retail” cost that is billed. Within the regular employer-based health insurance industry, there are the large carriers who create “steerage” of patients to specific providers in exchange for deeper discounts. Within the “excess” Special Risk market, steerage is often not practical nor easy to control and apply. Discounts generally are considered “passive” and often little more than the equivalent of “prompt pay” discounts.

Cypress has developed a unique partnership with a provider network consolidator that helps level the playing field and successfully provides access to over 185 different national, regional and local provider networks. One valuable component is the tracking of the deepest discounts on a regional or local basis, that helps secure the deepest discounts are consistently applied to your medical costs in your location. We also have fee negotiation, medical bill review and customized approaches when warranted.

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